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#include <gtk/gtk.h>

#include <cairo.h>

/* extra backends */
#include <cairo-pdf.h>
#include <cairo-ps.h>
#include <cairo-svg.h>

#include <locale.h>

#include <R.h>
#include <Rversion.h>
#include <Rinternals.h>
#include <Rgraphics.h>
#include <Rdevices.h>
#include <R_ext/GraphicsDevice.h>
#include <R_ext/GraphicsEngine.h>

typedef struct _Cairo_locator_info {
    guint x;
    guint y;
    gboolean button1;
    guint handler_id;
    gboolean active;
} CairoLocator;

typedef struct _CairoEvent {
  SEXP rho;
  SEXP result;
  gboolean active;
} CairoEvent;

typedef struct {
      GtkWidget *window;                  /* Graphics frame */
      GtkWidget *drawing;                 /* widget to which we are drawing */
      GdkPixmap *pixmap;                  /* off-screen drawable */
      cairo_t *cr;                        /* the cairo context to which we draw */
  cairo_surface_t *surface; /* if non-NULL we have an alt surface like svg */
  gchar *filename; /* filename for certain Cairo backends */
      gint width, height; /* width and height of device */
  CairoEvent *event; /* stores information for 'getGraphicsEvent' support */
  CairoLocator *locator; /* stores information for 'locator' support */
} CairoDesc;

/* Device driver actions */
static void Cairo_Activate(NewDevDesc *dd);
static void Cairo_Circle(double x, double y, double r,
                   R_GE_gcontext *gc,
                   NewDevDesc *dd);
static void Cairo_Clip(double x0, double x1, double y0, double y1, 
                 NewDevDesc *dd);
static void Cairo_Close(NewDevDesc *dd);
static void Cairo_Deactivate(NewDevDesc *dd);
static void Cairo_Hold(NewDevDesc *dd);
static Rboolean Cairo_Locator(double *x, double *y, NewDevDesc *dd);
static void Cairo_Line(double x1, double y1, double x2, double y2,
                 R_GE_gcontext *gc,
                 NewDevDesc *dd);
static void Cairo_MetricInfo(int c,
                     R_GE_gcontext *gc,
                     double* ascent, double* descent,
                     double* width, NewDevDesc *dd);
static void Cairo_Mode(int mode, NewDevDesc *dd);
static void Cairo_NewPage(R_GE_gcontext *gc, NewDevDesc *dd);
static void Cairo_Polygon(int n, double *x, double *y, 
                  R_GE_gcontext *gc,
                  NewDevDesc *dd);
static void Cairo_Polyline(int n, double *x, double *y, 
                   R_GE_gcontext *gc,
                   NewDevDesc *dd);
static void Cairo_Rect(double x0, double y0, double x1, double y1,
                 R_GE_gcontext *gc,
                 NewDevDesc *dd);
static void Cairo_Size(double *left, double *right,
                 double *bottom, double *top,
                 NewDevDesc *dd);
static double Cairo_StrWidth(char *str,
                     R_GE_gcontext *gc,
                     NewDevDesc *dd);
static void Cairo_Text(double x, double y, char *str, 
                 double rot, double hadj, 
                 R_GE_gcontext *gc,
                 NewDevDesc *dd);
static Rboolean Cairo_Open(NewDevDesc*, CairoDesc*, double, double, const gchar **);
static Rboolean Cairo_OpenEmbedded(NewDevDesc*, CairoDesc*, GtkWidget*);



void  R_WriteConsole(char*, int);

#if defined(R_VERSION) && R_VERSION < R_Version(2, 6, 0)
/* R mouse events from non-public Graphics.h */
typedef enum {meMouseDown = 0,
            meMouseMove} R_MouseEvent;
SEXP doMouseEvent(SEXP eventRho, NewDevDesc *dd, R_MouseEvent event,
                   int buttons, double x, double y);

/* and the key events */
typedef enum {knUNKNOWN = -1,
              knLEFT = 0, knUP, knRIGHT, knDOWN,
              knF1, knF2, knF3, knF4, knF5, knF6, knF7, knF8, knF9, knF10,
              knF11, knF12,
              knPGUP, knPGDN, knEND, knHOME, knINS, knDEL} R_KeyName;
SEXP doKeybd(SEXP eventRho, NewDevDesc *dd, R_KeyName rkey, char *keyname);

/* event handler */
void R_gtk_eventHandler(void *userData);

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